Procurement Consolidation

Procurement Consolidation

As of January 15th, procurement staff have been reoriented into an integrated function within the Office of Procurement and Property Management within the Department of Administration. Going forward the focus will be on commodity and contractual cost savings, standardized and streamlined processes that improve efficiencies, and greater consistency and control in the exercise of procurement. For questions and feedback, the project team can be reached at

On February 13, 2019, Governor Dunleavy issued Administrative Order No. 304, requiring the consolidation of all procurement staff across the state into a new organization within the Department of Administration (DOA), called the Office of Procurement and Property Management (OPPM).

The objective of the procurement consolidation project is to deploy the skills and expertise of the state’s purchasing specialists in a way which will most effectively leverage the State's total buying power to secure the products and services needed as fairly, efficiently, cost-effectively, and transparently as possible.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of departments across the state, Procurement Managers will be appointed to lead teams dedicated to understanding and supporting the unique needs of the departments they serve. At the same time, a number of Category Management teams will be created, who will specialize in buying within particular categories of products and services purchased by multiple departments across the state e.g.: IT, professional services, office supplies, etc. Finally, the unification of purchasing processes across the state will deliver more effective procurement policy and oversight while enhancing the training of the procurement teams.

The DOA is currently working closely with individual Departments to finalize the Procurement Consolidation implementation plan. It is currently envisioned starting January 2021, Procurement Managers in every department will report to the Deputy Chief Procurement Officer with no other changes to the current procurement structures, systems, or processes at that time. From that point through July 2021 it is planned that the financial systems supporting procurement across the state will be reconfigured to facilitate centralized purchasing.  This will enable procurement professionals from across the state to operate as a unified OPPM from July 2021 forward. As things progress through the next few months, there will be regular communication and engagement with all those who will be impacted by these changes.

Project Manager: Thor Vue

Chief Procurement Officer          |          Department of Administration           |

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