Pathway: New Ways of Working

Project History

In April 2020, Governor Dunleavy requested the Department of Administration (DOA) develop a plan to ensure worker safety and health, and to maintain maximum continuity of government operations, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

To achieve both objectives, the DOA developed a plan for improving telework capabilities for public employees to enable compliance with COVID-19 health precautions: The Pandemic Preparedness Plan (PPP). The Pathway initiative is a critical part of the State’s PPP plan and will impact all 14 departments in the State of Alaska. 

Executive sponsors for the Pathway initiative and the rest of the Pandemic Preparedness Plan, include Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka and Deputy Commissioners Amanda Holland and Paula Vrana. Kate Sheehan, Director of the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations, is the Pathway Project Director. Additional support for the initiative is provided by Cara Griffith, Principal and CEO of the workforce strategy consulting firm, Tandem Motion. 



Pathway ensures worker health and safety, and continuity of services to the State of Alaska, by equipping State of Alaska employees with the clarity, structure, training, and ongoing support they need to be successful and adaptable while teleworking during COVID-19. 


Key Objectives

  • Telework: Create a telework infrastructure where people are empowered to perform at their best 

  • Dynamic: Ensure continuity of government services by modernizing business processes to be nimbler and more dynamic 

  • Strategic Objectives: Establish clear department-wide objectives that set direction and are achievable 

  • SMART Goals: Bolster organizational objectives with individual SMART goals for every employee 

  • Measurable Outcomes: Tie individual SMART goals to trackable, measurable outcomes 

  • Value: Help employees identify those activities that provide the most value 

  • Job Clarity: Bring clarity and simplicity to job-specific performance metrics and expectations 

  • Performance Management System: Digitize the performance management process to make performance reviews more accessible and encourage continuous improvement 

  • Learning Management System: Develop an approachable learning management system to encourage skill-based learning and ongoing professional development 

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Design a custom recruitment and employee training program to simplify processing and streamline the onboarding process 

  • Shared Purpose: Increase confidence and job satisfaction by engaging employees through a sense of shared purpose and thoughtful workforce alignment 

  • Employee Empowerment: Empower employees to make the most of their workday, especially in a remote environment


Participating Departments and Divisions*


  • Administrative Services 
  • Motorized Vehicles 
  • Personnel and Labor Relations 
  • Retirement and Benefits 
  • Risk Management 
  • Shared Services 
  • Office of Information Technology 

Commerce, Community, and Economic Development 

  • Banking and Securities 
  • Alcohol and Marijuana Control 


  • Administration and Support 
  • Probation and Parole Director’s Office 
  • Health and Rehab 

Education and Early Development 

  • Innovation and Education Excellence 
  • Finance and Support Services 
  • Alaska Library Archives and Museums 
  • Alaska State Council on the Arts

Environmental Conservation 

  • Administrative Services 
  • Water 
  • Environmental Health 
  • Air Quality 
  • Spill Prevention and Response 

Fish and Game 

  • Subsistence 

Health and Social Services 

  • Finance and Management Services
  • Public Assistance 

Labor and Workforce Development  

  • Labor Standards and Safety 
  • Administrative Services
  • Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment, and Training Services 
  • Workers’ Compensation 


  • Office of the Attorney General 
  • Administrative Services 
  • Criminal Division 

Military and Veterans Affairs 

  • Administrative Services Division 
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Management 

Natural Resources 

  • Geological and Geophysical Surveys 
  • Administrative Support Services 

Public Safety 

  • Administrative Services 


  • Office of the Commissioner 
  • Child Support Services 
  • Permanent Fund Dividend 
  • Tax 
  • Treasury 

Transportation and Public Facilities 

  • Northern Region Project Delivery
  • Statewide Program Development  

*If you see your division listed but are unsure if your office is included in the Pathway Pilot, please contact your Division Director.

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