OIT Consolidation

OIT Consolidation

In April 2017, Governor Walker issued Administrative Order No. 284 to centralize all telecommunication and information technology services currently performed by individual deparmentss, and consolidate them statewide under the authority of a single Office of Information Technology (OIT) which is housed within the Department of Administration. 

The aim of this consolidation is to eliminate the duplication of efforts, increase productivity, enhance security, and respond faster to changes in IT business and investment priorities. It is not an exercise in reducing the number of information technology (IT) staff employed by the State. Rather, it is focused on ensuring that the skills and experience of IT professionals are deployed in a way which creates optimum value for the State and the highest levels of job satisfaction for our employees, thereby enhancing the recruitment and retention of the talent needed.   

To date only a partial consolidation has been achieved with around 150 employees moving from departments into OIT. Similarly, the adoption of the consolidated services offered by OIT has been inconsistent across the State. In short, the current statewide IT operating model does not reflect the intent of Order No. 284, nor does the organization structure, resource deployment, or process capabilities enable the adoption of consolidated services. 

With so many priority IT projects currently ‘in-flight’ the resources involved in this ongoing project will be limited to the Department of Administration until the end of 2020 

Work is being done to update IT job specification classifications within the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations, and engagement of other departments regarding roles and responsibilities will take place from early 2021 onwards. At that time, OIT will be finalizing a recommended updated organization structure and working through the IT Advisory Committee to begin discussion about statewide IT roles, responsibilities, and resourcing. 

In the meantime, OIT will be holding regular Town Hall meetings where they will be updating on progress and answering any questions employees may have.

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