Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice

What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams, a tool to support in-office or remote messaging, meetings, video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaboration, was introduced Statewide in 2020 to support remote work needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams Voice extends the existing features to provide incoming and outgoing calling using existing State phone numbers. Adding this functionality in Teams will continue to drive the State’s strategic focus on supporting secure, functional, and practical remote work.

This project will include a complete replacement for the aging Cisco phone system at the State, and the Teams system touts the same features and functions, plus more. The transition will impact all Cisco phone lines currently in use, including personal lines, conference rooms, shared phones, and department/division main lines.

What are the key benefits? 

  • Staff has access to their business phone number and any other State phone numbers they monitor by logging into their Microsoft Office 365 account on any secured device, from anywhere. 
  • Microsoft is aggressively improving this secure, cloud-based solution. New features are rolled out seamlessly with no hardware upgrades, keeping the State on the cutting edge at no additional cost. 
  • The solution drives the State’s scalable remote work strategy and provides a platform to support functional, secure, and effective remote work.

Example Day in the Life:

What is the timeline? 

March 2022 is the targeted time frame for all ~13,000 Cisco phone lines to be migrated to Teams Voice. The project team is in the early phases of discovery and scheduling. Updates to follow.  


The Implementation Process 

The Office of Information Technology will work with Department Technology Officers and Administrative Services Directors to validate all Cisco phone numbers for transition. The following are Teams Phone implementation activities departments will be involved in: 

  • Project Kickoff Meeting 
  • Formation of Department Project Teams  
  • Collection/Validation of Phone Configuration Data
  • Assessment of Site Infrastructure
  • Scheduling of Individual Sites for Transition
  • Awareness and Training – Comprehensive Awareness and Training to be Provided for all Impacted Staff
  • Day of Transition for Each Site
  • Retrospective Review of Each Transition
  • Transition to Operational Support by OIT
  • Project Close and Success Validation

Stay tuned for project updates!
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