IRIS Advanced

IRIS Advanced

After 5 years of service, IRIS, the State’s Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), is being updated by what we call IRIS Advanced. IRIS has interfaces with all aspects of the State’s operations including areas such as payroll, tax reporting, human resource activities, accounting and financial management, procurement, vendor management, risk management, compliance, supply chain operations, and much more. IRIS Advance is a major upgrade to the system with advanced technology and a new user interface. There are many new features as well, some to be rolled out with the initial implementation in February 2022, and many more to be rolled out after that over time. These new features will position the State to operate more efficiently and will save considerable money over time.

What are the key benefits? 

  • State of the art technology platform
  • Advanced user-friendly interface
  • Improved features with expanded functionality
  • Mobile phone optimization
  • Faster and more secure system
  • Future additional features that can be implemented that will reduce costs for the State.

Project Timeline

Awareness Campaign

The IRIS Advanced project team has developed a fun and informative video series. All State employees can access the videos as they are released in AspireAlaska. If you’re interested in following along and want to receive updates when new episodes are released, please subscribe to the “Operative” playlist, here, or here with captions.

Point of Contact: Steve Fritsche

Data Processing Manager III     |       Department of Administration        |

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Secure Wireless Networks are available through OIT. Support for a secure wireless network.

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