Enhancing Cybersecurity

Enhancing Cybersecurity

The Enhancing Cybersecurity project comprises two key elements – MS Security and Endpoint Management – both of which will deploy in the background with minimal impact on employees. 

There will, however, be some minor changes in the way employees sign-on to the system each day, and the way their computers periodically update their security features which are outlined below. 

MS Security 

As we upgrade our Microsoft software licenses, we are taking the opportunity to add better security around our user accounts and identities (sign-in, email, VPN, etc.) to make them better suited for remote working. This will not only protect the State’s IT systems – it will also protect personal information on laptops and PCs. 

Users will notice few changes other than the need to switch to multifactor authentication (MFA). Passwords can be easily compromised, so MFA increases account security by requiring multiple forms of verification to prove your identity. In practice that means in addition to a password you will have to provide a PIN number, fingerprint, or facial recognition. 

You will be informed when your security is updated, and given the additional authentication required. 

Endpoint Management 

In addition to enhancing security around sign-on, it is also vital that our laptops and PC are constantly updated with the latest virus protection and security ‘patches’. Through Endpoint Management we can manage these updates behind the scenes with minimal inconvenience to the end user. 

Full details of what employees need to do will be given with each update. 


The Microsoft Security project is being led by Mark Breunig, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

The Endpoint Management project is being led by Andy Deitrich, Chief Customer Service Officer. 

We are here to assit you. Feel free to reach out.


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