Desktop Standardization

Desktop Standardization

Currently departments across the State are responsible for purchasing and retiring their own desktops, laptops, and other computer hardware, each having their own processes. By creating common hardware standards, the Desktop Service and Standardization project will vastly improve how State employees go about hardware and inventory management and ensure employees have machines that meet those standards. Common standards will simplify and accelerate the process of ordering new and replacement equipment, boost the State’s IT purchasing power, reduce support complexity, and eliminate the duplication of services and processes across Departments. 

Working closely with Departments, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has identified a core roster of four devices that meet the IT needs of the majority of State employees – a standard and an advanced laptop, and a standard and an advanced workstation. Where an individual or team require hardware outside this core specification, the governance workgroup will work with the Department to identify appropriate alternatives. 

Hardware standardization is an easy win for Alaska, resulting in around 25% annual cost savings when it is fully adopted (over $1.5M a year).  

In addition to the participation of the End User Device Working group (consisting of Department Technology Officers, Departmental IT staff and other OIT personnel), the Department of Health and Social Services is supporting the vendor evaluation committee.

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