AspireAlaska: Performance Management System

AspireAlaska: Performance Management System

Performance evaluations play an important role in helping managers evaluate an employee’s work performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, offer feedback, and set goals for future performance. Effective performance evaluations are a valuable tool for employee growth and development and play an important part in supporting employee’s pursuit of their career goals.

Done well, performance reviews result in enormous benefits to employees and organizations alike, such as the following:

  • Better alignment between the goals and objectives of the individual employees and those of the organization.

  • Increased employee engagement and job satisfaction.

  • Managers act as coaches and mentors.

  • Personal development planning is more relevant and focused.

All too often, however, performance reviews can become bogged down in paperwork and bureaucracy, which is why, as part of the Pathway project we are streamlining and digitizing the performance management process.

This will not only make performance reviews more accessible for employees who are teleworking, it will also support the continuous improvement of both employees and their managers/supervisors across the State through ongoing feedback and discussion. This will be aided by greater visibility of individual development maps to help employees and their managers/supervisors identify opportunities for future progress.

Full training on the new AspireAlaska Performance Management system will be given to all employees.


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