AlaskaNow is the new Service Management System (SMS) which will provide State employees with a single, unified portal through which they get the information, services, and help they need whether they are working remotely or in government offices.

Services accessed via AlaskaNow will include:

  • Knowledge Management: This will give State employees easy access to knowledge bases that provide articles in self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution. Resources will also include videos, step-by-step guides, and other external references.
  • Employee Onboarding: Instead of completing cumbersome paperwork, hiring managers will be able to access a new fully automated system via AlaskaNow. This process will be fully integrated into our wider HR systems to eliminate any duplication of effort across the State, with automated workflows to give hiring managers and new employees the confidence that all the tasks associated with hiring and onboarding have been completed. It will also ensure that new employees are aware of the support and resources available to them, while their colleagues will be automatically updated with information about who has joined, their role, and how can they be contacted.
    Full training on the new Recruitment and Onboarding Process will be given to all hiring managers as required. DOA is currently piloting this new system. 
  • HR Case Management: AlaskaNow will provide an online, one-stop-shop for employees to find HR information, answers via self-service, and submit requests for a variety of digitized services. Initially approximately two dozen separate HR processes will be available via AlaskaNow. The system will provide one point of contact for this range of services and the system will track and provide feedback on the progress of inquiries.
  • Employee Document Management: AlaskaNow will help secure, retain, access, and purge employee files using paperless document management.
  • Incident Management: Provide the ability to report technology issues and enable restoration of normal service operation quickly and effectively.
  • Request Management: Allow needed items for employees, such as equipment refreshes, to be requested via an easy to use enterprise storefront and fulfilled based on defined flows.
  • Change Management: Provide a systematic approach to make changes to IT services while minimizing disruption to those services. 
  • Hardware Asset Management: Enable management of assets by automating the tracking of financial, contractual and inventory details of hardware and devices.
  • Customer Service Case Management: AlaskaNow will also create a citizen service portal accessible via the myAlaska site. This is currently a pilot project for the Department of Motor Vehicles giving citizens access to the department’s Customer Service Case Management and Knowledge Management online services.

The diagram below provides an overview of AlaskaNow:

Most State employees will be Requestors: using AlaskaNow to access the information, services, and help that they need. For these employees, the experience will be simple and intuitive and no special training on how to use the system is required.
State employees who are Fulfillers (delivering the requested services): will be contacted directly with the necessary information needed for their role and specific training will be provided. Check out the schedule for upcoming training sessions here.

Need Help Navigating in AlaskaNow?

The IT Service Portal will become the most common place to submit a request or a help ticket. The portal offers several methods to locate and submit a request or to submit a help ticket:

  1. Clicking on Get Help will take you to the place in the catalog where the catalog item for creating a help ticket resides.
  2. Clicking the IT Catalog link in the top navigation bar will take you to the catalog to request a catalog item.
  3. Typing in the Auto-Search Bar will return a list of catalog items that match the search criteria.
  4. Clicking the Request Something link will take you to the catalog to request a catalog item.

The Service Portal will become the most common place to submit a help ticket.

  1. Clicking on Get Help will present the catalog category page and the Create Help ticket catalog
  2. Clicking on the Create Help ticket catalog item presents the Create Help ticket form. The form has been designed to capture basic information and allow the user to declare the urgency of their issue.

1. Clicking on My Requests presents a list of your requests and help tickets.

2. Clicking on a specific item presents the status of that item.


The search function from the main Service Portal page is designed to search the catalog and knowledge base.This is useful when you may not know exactly what you are looking for, AlaskaNow intelligently uses what you enter to find what is available.

To search, type the search keyword in the search box at the top right and click on the search icon. Selecting a catalog item in the search list will take you to the form for requesting that item.

  1. When clicking the Catalog link or Request Something link, you are directed to the main catalog category page.
  2. From this page you can click each category on the left and view the associated catalog items on the right.
  3. Selecting a catalog item on the right will take you to the form for requesting that item.

The Employee Service Center on AlaskaNow allows you to get answers on a variety of Human Resource (HR) topics.  It also allows you to request a HR service such as an employee address change or an EEOP inquiry.

To get to the Employee Service Center, click the Employee Service Center link on the IT Service Portal as shown above.

The Employee Service Center will become the most common place to find answers to your HR questions and to submit requests for HR services.

Within the Employee Service Center, you can:

  1. Click Knowledge to gain access to articles that provide answers to common HR questions.
  2. Click Catalog to request HR services such as EEOP or Benefits inquiries.











The Employee Service Center can help you get answers to common HR questions.

  1. Clicking on Knowledge will present the knowledge Categories, the top-rated articles, and the most viewed articles.
  2. Clicking on a Category will present the knowledge articles within that category.
  3. Clicking on an Article will present the contents of the article. The contents are designed to answer your questions. For example, clicking on Update Direct Deposit Information displays the information below.









In the Employee Service Center, you can also request services from HR.

  1. Clicking on Catalog displays the Categories of HR service requests and the most popular service requests.
  2. Clicking on a Category displays the HR service requests available within that category.
  3. Clicking on a Service Request displays a form so that you can provide the information HR needs to fulfill your request. For example, clicking on the Equal Employment Opportunity Program Inquiry displays the form below. Once you complete and submit the form, the request is sent to the appropriate HR Specialist for support.
  4. You can view the status of any request you have submitted by clicking Requests at the top of the page.

PDF Version of "AlaskaNow Navigation Help"


AlaskaNow (SMS):
Russell Kunibe | Chief Technology Officer II | Office of Information Technology |

Customer Service Case Management (For DMV):
Jenna Wright | Deputy Director | Department of Administration | 

Recruitment & Onboarding
Pam Day | Human Resource Consultant IV | Department of Administration |

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