Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Daily Productivity | Alex Vrabec, 11/6/2020

When working from home, it seems as if it's almost impossible to stay focused, or what I like to call it "in the zone." You know, that ridiculously productive mode when you you can concentrate on each and every task in front of you. During the pandemic, when every day feels like Wednesday, maintaining that high productivity rate feels impossible. So, here's my top 5 tricks and tips that help me stay productive every day of the week (even on the weekends - goodbye laundry pile)!

1. Establish Your Morning Routine

Nothing makes me feel better in the morning than a good ol' cup a jo and a dog walk around the block. So, before I even consider turning on my computer; I make sure I do the things that make me feel good. This includes getting out of my PJ's (sweaters and leggings are my go-to work from home attire), making my bed, enjoying my cup of coffee, and getting that morning work out in. I've noticed when I start my day off right; I can stay focused right out of the gate. This list doesn't include getting my 12 month old, Rory, ready for her day too... so as peaceful as my list sounds; it's really a whirlwind of activities. But if my laptop is closed until my work day begins, I'm able to turn Hurricane Rory into light tropical breeze while simultaneously getting my morning off to a good start.

2. Utilize Your Breaks for YOU

It's important to take those 15 minute breaks through out the day, that's what they're there for. The best part about working from home - I can do a quick yoga flow in the middle of the room and not get weird looks from my coworkers (remember I'm already wearing leggings so I'm good to go). Also, I can get the dishes done! Seriously... taking a few minutes here or there to do mindless chores helps me focus on my work tasks when it's time to sit down and get to work.

3. Get Yourself the Tools You Need to Stay Focused

My office is located in the living room... so that means on days (or weeks) when my family is stuck at home, I'm now in the middle of everything trying to get work done. If you have a similar situation, and don't have a room to spare for a home office - you can still be productive! With the help of a desk, some floating shelves, and a room divider; I've now got my own (tiny) home office. TV blaring 'Frozen?' No problem, that's what noise canceling headphones are for. Regardless of what's happening around me, I've empowered myself with the tools to "stay in the zone."

4. Make a To-Do List

I LIVE for lists! Seriously... whether it's my grocery list, my work task list, or my craft list - I would be lost in my daily life without them. At the beginning of every day; I create a list of things I need to get done and then I prioritize those tasks. Doing this every day helps me zero in on the important tasks and if I don't finish ever single line item - no problem, there's always tomorrow. By the end of the week, I'll have page after page of completed list and there is nothing more satisfying then seeing each item crossed out. 

5. Turn Off All That Background Noise

During the work week, I like to turn off all of my app notifications. No, I do not need to see that Snapchat of my sister's dog. No, I do not need to know what my girlfriend from high school ate for dinner on Instagram last night. Having my phone ping every time something happens on social media; is incredibly distracting. So, do yourself a favor and get rid of all that noise when it's time to focus and get things done. Trust me, you'll thank me later.  


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