AlaskaNow is Officially Live

AlaskaNow is Officially Live | Alex Vrabex 12/29/2020


I’m ready to hike to the top of Mt. Juneau and scream for all to hear “ALASKANOW IS OFFICIALLY LIVE!!”
So… why am I so excited about this and why should you be too?

IT Support

Whether you’re working from the office, or your living room (like me) – AlaskaNow is going to give you one single portal for all your IT support, software, and hardware needs. Let’s say you’re having issues with your VPN access. No problem. Submit a ticket on AlaskaNow and get the assistance you need with the ability to track the progress of your services.

Service & Hardware Catalogue

Sometimes you don’t really know what you need until you see it (just like Costco), right? Thankfully there’s a service and hardware catalogue for you to peruse for your technology needs. Select your specified need and add it to your cart, for the end user, it's as simple as that. The best part of all of this – you access it with your Microsoft sign on that you use for literally everything. No need to add another password to your sticky note. Thank Goodness.

Knowledge Base

Anybody else love the power of a good self help article? Look no further than the knowledge section within AlaskaNow. This section is currently being built out to provide resources for state workers to solve their own problems.  Who doesn’t love a good step-by-step guide for things that might take more than just restarting your laptop, but might just need some in-system settings check.

Online Community Forum

We now have a place to post our most relevant questions to the SOA community – like questions about coffee maker malfunctions (thanks, Alvin, we were all thinking about it). This gives us all the ability to give feedback and suggestions to our coworkers' questions they might have which could be relevant to the rest of the community. Have a question on your mind you think others might have, please ask it.


Having access to a variety of services in one easy-to-access platform makes life so much easier. And the good news, AlaskaNow is still continuing to grow and add on more functionality for state employees, so be sure to check back for more updates!


We are here to assit you. Feel free to reach out.


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Service Highlights



Wireless Network

Secure Wireless Networks are available through OIT. Support for a secure wireless network.

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  • Support

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