A Day in the Life of an HR Business Partner

A Day in the Life of an HR Business Partner

HR Business Partners work with department executives, leaders, and supervisors to develop and improve workforce management practices in the agency. Common workforce practices include but are not limited to: recruitment; retention; workforce planning; learning and development; career progression; and organizational design. HR BP’s are liaisons with the Division of Personnel & Labor Relations (DOPLR) where they connect department managers with DOPLR resources, have full access to DOPLR expertise, and ensure department priorities are addressed in DOPLR policy, procedures, activities, and business processes. They are trusted advisors for department leaders, providing confidential human resource guidance and offering a strategic view of the agency’s workforce strengths, vulnerabilities, and development needs.

8:00am Review active HR situations in the department – check in with managers and supervisors on specific items; gather status updates from DOPLR HR staff; brief department executive(s) as appropriate; connect department supervisors to DOPLR resources.

9:00am Facilitate introductory work session with DOPLR Strategic Recruitment and department hiring managers to address high priority recruitment needs and establish work plan to address challenges (attend additional work sessions only if needed).

9:30am Interview several department subject matter experts (could be 1:1 conversations or a focus group setting) to gather information and ideas for the department’s retention plan – data will be used to develop retention activities such as employee recognition, stretch assignments, professional development opportunities, etc.

11:00am Respond to various managers’ requests for immediate assistance; ascertain DOPLR resources needed and connect manager with appropriate DOPLR resource.

11:30am Attend biweekly department Executive Leadership Team stand-up meeting1:00pmConnect with HR BP network/Conduct online research to identify leading practices in employee retention; incorporate findings with feedback from department leaders and employees

1:45pm Respond to executive’s request for workforce demographics such as turnover rates, retirement eligibility, vacancy rates, etc.

2:00pm Debrief with department hiring managers on recent recruitment experiences, particularly in a telework environment; brainstorm suggestions for future direction of agency recruiting efforts in order to meet department’s mission – integrate findings and suggestions into the strategic workforce management plan

3:00pm Open office hours – this time is kept open for any questions, comments, or feedback employees and managers would like to share – could be virtual Teams meeting, email, phone, in-person drop ins, etc.

4:30pm Follow up with department supervisors and DOPLR resources as needed to ensure agency is receiving timely and effective HR services

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